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Weekly Services

Sundays @ 9:45 a.m.

Ages 0-2: Nursery

PreSchool: Sunday School

Grades K-6th: Sunday School

Grades 7th-12th: Sunday School

Adults: Sunday School

Sunday School classes are structured to encourage believers in their walk with God and to increase their knowledge of the Scriptures.

Sundays @ 11:00 a.m.

Wednesdays @ 7:00 p.m.

Ages 0-2: Nursery

PreSchool: Nursery

Grades K-6th: Jr. Church

Grades 7th-12th: Morning Service

Adults:  Morning Service

Featuring traditional hymns and an occasional chorus, our worship service includes Bible reading, giving of offerings, special music and preaching of God's Word.

Grades 1st-6th: Adventure Club

Grades 7th-12th: Prayer Meeting

Adults: Prayer Meeting

After being challenged from God's Word, prayer requests are shared with the group and small groups are formed for prayer.

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of God that is amoung you


Portville Baptist Church is currently without a pastor. 

Please pray with us that God will bring a man to serve the flock in Portville, NY.

Our Church History

In the late 1950s, several families from Portville, NY were attending the Calvary Baptist Church in Olean, NY, under the leadership of Reverend Ira Weyhe.  Through his encouragement and support, the building of a sister church was started in Portville.  By 1960, a storefront on Temple Street was converted and began holding the first services of Portville Baptist Church with Pastor Robert Worthington serving as the pastor.  God blessed this ministry in Portville and the congregation increased.  Five years later, the property at 24 Temple Street became available and construction quickly began on the new place of worship for Portville Baptist Church.


Reverend Richard Cughan became the second pastor in 1967 and served for the next twenty-four years.  With the growth of his ministry, the need for more space became apparent.  A large addition, including a gymnasium, was added in 1973.  During this time, several church families became concerned with the education of their children. Because of this concern, Portville Baptist Christian School was started in 1980 and continued through June 2018. 

After the end of Reverend Richard Cughan’s ministry in 1991, Dr. Howard Longcore provided a four year interim ministry until the arrival of Pastor Terry Gibson in 1995. Pastor Gibson became the fourth pastor at Portville Baptist and led a community oriented ministry for ten years.  At the end of his ministry, three years elapsed without a pastor, but God provided godly retired pastors to fill the pulpit.


Reverend Fred Kemp became the fifth pastor in 2008 and ministered for three years.


In 2012, God brought Pastor Robert Cook to Portville as the interim pastor.  Pastor Cook had retired after a life-long ministry as pastor at various churches.  With his heart for people, Pastor Cook has been instrumental in bringing unity and growth to the congregation.  Over the past three years, many physical improvements have been made to both the church building and parsonage, including a new metal roof, concrete walkways, landscaping and a beautiful church sign.

From the Fall of 2018 to the Spring of 2021, Brandon Hollis served as Pastor.

Stand fast in the Lord, my dearly beloved


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